KITEVUC – Equipamento de Veículos Utilitários e Comerciais Lda., was founded in 2002. 

KITEVUC has headquartered in Rua Eng. Frederico Ulrich, No. 1636, 4475-130 Gemunde - Maia.

It is a firm specializing in the transformation of vehicles, providing a wide range of solutions for different types of vehicles and areas of activity.

From 2008, the company is betting on a serial production, with the acqusition of CNC machines, to develop export wood Kit's for the interior protection of the vans.

With our 16 years of experience, we had built a solid reputation with our customers and partners in Europe.

Our Vision:

• For the Client: The company that meets all your needs and requirements, ensuring the best reliability and quality in service.

• For Employees: The company defends the welfare each employee and promotes team spirit between all.

• For Partners: Kitevuc is a company with good faith, honors and enhances the skills of its partners for a common goal, the best performance and acknowledgment.

• For the society: On national scale is a competitive company, recognized for your professionalism and the quality of your services.

Our mission:

Developing and enriching our level of supply in the branch of transformation of working vehicles and invest in our steady growth.

Our Activity:

Installers, manufacturers and distributors of material for the transformation of vans.


The rule of KITEVUC is to strengthen your position in the domestic market and promote a increasing and sustained development of business, in partnership with leading manufacturers and entities in the automobile branch.

Our Priorities: Quality, Safety, Innovation and Competitivity are our current priorities.

Philosophy of work: Betting on principles of organization and management of work guided by the accuracy and quality, always oriented towards a long-term strategy aligned with the internal culture of the company.


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